Reviewer List of The 10th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2023)

Name Affiliation Number of reviewed papers
PhD Borzooye Jafarizadeh 4
Prof. Salah OUDJERTLI Research Center in Industrial Technologies (CRTI), BP 64, Roade of Dely Brahim, 16014 Cheraga, Algiers, Algeria 3
Dr. Yiran Jiang 2
Dr. Gyorgy Banhegyi 2
Andrei Surženkov Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Tallinn University of Technology 2
Prof. Said Ridene Advanced Materials and Quantum Phenomena Laboratory Depart of physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of El Manar Tunis 2
Kah Hon Leong Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman 1
Assoc. Prof. Azzuliani Supangat University of Malaya 1
Chin Wei Lai University of Malaya 1
  • 1